“We all know more than what we know we know.”

Thornton Wilder

Intuition, the other form of intelligence

The passive intuition and the active intuition

Creative ideas are not “thought up”, but arise when thinking comes to rest, via intuition, via inner inspirations.
GIACOMO PUCCINI is said to have said “… that his great opera “Madame Butterly” was from God, that he wrote down what came from a divine source”.
KMU Magazin reported in its 7/2005 issue that 76% of all creative ideas originate outside the company itself. The study by the University of St.Gallen showed that over a third of the ideas were found in nature (28%). Of the ideas in the company, almost half (10%) are generated during boring meetings (when you are in non-focus). However, more than 90% of spontaneous inspirations are not implemented; they are lost again in the daytime consciousness. The ideas can’t be randomly generated again, but rather appear like a spark and then are gone again.

You can often remember them as little as a dream that you could still perceive and remember after waking up, but after opening your eyes, the connection and memory are gone. This perception is passive. – I call it the “passive intuition”.

What would it be like if intuition didn’t just come randomly, but if you could consciously and actively retrieve the information? Conscious of the topic, conscious of the timing. Then when you need them – in active communication and collaboration. – I call it the “active intuition”.

This is the royal road – this is the opposite of burnout – this is relaxation, joy of life, success and makes you happy and satisfied.

This requires a balance of brain waves, especially a distinct alpha range (from 8 – 14 Hz), which forms a bridge from the conscious to the subconscious and to the unconscious. ” See chapter “The Awakened Mind.”