“You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Prerequisites for active intuition

There are no professional prerequisites: anyone can take part in the training and actively learn intuition in management, leadership and creativity. Adults as well as young people – all people who are interested in developing themselves further, be it at work, in education or at school and university.

There are personal prerequisites: to learn active intuition, the brain’s freedom from stress is required. You need to be able to relax, daydream, imagine inner images, be creative and imaginative, and have a desire to develop your personality.

You know from your everyday life and experiences that when you are stressed, you narrow your focus. You fade out left and right and focus only on the execution of the task – you try to increase efficiency. This does not allow any inner input, no correction of the direction in the current activity, no reflection, no change of approach, no reorientation to the task, the goal. All the things that make for effectiveness are not possible during stressed work.

With active intuition, you need the opposite of stress. You need stress-free brain for the extended perception: mobile phone exposure, DECT, WLAN, etc. should be avoided before the seminar (should be avoided in general), as these electromagnetic fields generate oxidative stress in the cells – and apparently much more.