People who look to their horizon, to the limit of the known, call themselves realists.

People who look beyond their horizons are called visionaries.

But aren’t the visionaries the realists? – They create new realities again and again.

Our world is most intensively shaped by the economy and this is shaped by leaders and managers.

Gradiavita’s vision is that by connecting more intensively with themselves and with nature, decision-makers will not only become more successful – in ease and serenity – but in the process will also lead the world to more freedom, peace and awareness by (being able to) take responsibility for themselves, for their actions and for the world.

Active intuition is one of the most effective skills for management, leadership and creativity in life. When people expand their perception, have access to universal information, knowledge and wisdom, when they can develop and live their individual potential, awareness and meaningfulness in the world will increase – also that our children have a safe and optimal foundation for their lives.

For this, I cordially invite you to participate.