Inner connectedness – the source of intuition by Yosantos Delimeray

Happiness, success and love are what people want most. This arises when we are in deep connection with ourselves.

Intuition, the other form of intelligence

Creative ideas are not “thought up”, but arise when thinking comes to rest, via intuition, via inner inspirations.

Intuitive management

The most important decision is that you decide – to decide. Because only if you decide, then it is you who is creative and designs, otherwise others do it – maybe not at all in the way you want it.

Intuitive leadership

At management level, we work even more often without sufficient facts than in management – because we are not dealing with factual issues (which machine should I buy and should I buy one at all or would it be better to have it produced outside?), but with people issues.

Intuitive creativity

Creativity comes from being relaxed. When we compulsively exert ourselves, when we are in effort and stress mode, creativity is dramatically reduced. Intuitive creativity is by no means limited to art and music – in business it is called “ideas”, ideas, possible solutions.

Intuition training

Developing the skills that we can actively use and utilize intuitive management, intuitive leadership and intuitive creativity are difficult at first glance – because there are very many inner voices.

The levels of decisions

You can make decisions from 3 levels
– from the Mind
– From the belly
– from the solar plexus and the heart chakra