“Every creative scholar relies on intuition.“

Prof. Dr. Dr. H.C. Hans Peter Dürr

Intuitive creativity

Creativity results from relaxation. If we compulsively exert ourselves, if we are in hassle and stress mode, we reduce the level of our creativity dramatically. Intuitive creativity is in no way limited to art and music – in the field of business, this is referred to as “inspirations”, ideas and “possible solutions”.

Strictly speaking, intuitive creativity is a combination of intuition and inspiration.

The level of inspiration has a further quality. One could call it the “giver” of the revolution, or the level from which the „spiritual renewal“ originates.

Creative ideas are not “thought up”; they originate in the subconscious and in the unconscious where intuition and fantasy originate, internal inspirations.

You have certainly already experienced searching in vain for solutions, postponing issues for the time-being – however, in a state of relaxation, the solution suddenly comes in the form of an intuitive internal inspiration or in the form of a coincidental event which wakes or inspires us. Afterwards, we can often master difficult situations.

The information exists, but it is mostly only passive, i.e. it rather comes and goes according to the principle of chance if you are relaxed. If you have intuition that is actively available, you can reach a substantially more effective and more efficient level of creativity.

Using intuitive creativity, you have active access to solutions, beliefs, ideas, fantasies, spirituality, innovations, to the great depths of your consciousness. Inventions come from intuitive creativity.

Intuitive creativity offers you a playful, relaxed and successful life.

Creative ideas are not “thought up”; they originate in the subconscious and in the unconscious.