“Nothing happens in living nature that is not connected to the whole.”


1st training weekend

“Essence of Nature”

In the forest you see the trees, the green of the leaves, the brown of the trunks, the flora and fauna of the undergrowth, etc. - Can you also perceive the essence of the trees, the essence of the forest and the essence of nature?

In the training "Nature's Essence" you will learn to perceive the essence of nature and to communicate with it.

You will train in nature with exercises that build on each other and are coordinated to expand your perception. You perceive nature, the forest, the trees in a new and more vivid way than before and thus experience an expanded access and contact with nature - through levels of perception and communication previously unknown to you.

Nature is our livelihood and an important aspect of our origin. Therefore, in our relationship with nature, through our integration with nature, we develop a heightened awareness, consciousness and connection to ourselves. This learnable art serves as preparation for the Voice of Intuition course.

The training is success-dependent: You will receive the invoice only after the training and only if you feel successful, you pay.


Dates on request

Seminar schedule

Friday 6 to 8 pm
Saturday 9 till 18
Sunday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Price incl. Lunch and drinks:

Price incl. Lunch and drinks: 550 € plus VAT.
(Special rates are available for private individuals)

Course management

Lothar Moll