Inner connectedness – the source of intuition by Yosantos Delimeray

Happiness, success and love are what people want most. This arises when we are in deep connection with ourselves. We cannot achieve this connectedness through thinking. We must become one with ourselves. In a few conscious moments we experience this connectedness – these are the moments when we open our perception to intuition.

Life is like a river. In this view, thinking is not in the river, but on the river. It guides our direction. The more synchronous thinking is with the flow of life, the less resistance arises, the more we are carried in life and intimately connected with life.

Thinking causes the individuality of our life as an impulse generator. In tune with the flow of life, thinking leads to happiness, success and love. We feel the connection with the flow of life as intuition. If we let our thinking be inspired by intuition, we will live a truly fulfilling life.


We all know intuition as an impulse in a relaxation phase. Sometimes intuition comes in as a reminder of what you still need to get done. Sometimes as a feeling of what to do or not to do, sometimes as a flash of inspiration for a situation or issue not yet resolved – or in many other facets.

Intuition always occurs in conjunction with relaxation, never under time pressure or stress. Even if we struggle, there is no access to intuition, because it requires fun, joy and real aliveness. In effort mode and under stress, we are disconnected from the flow of life.