Inner solidarity – Yosantos Delimeray’s source of intuition

Luck, success and love are what people wish for the most. This results if we are in a deeper state of solidarity with ourselves.

Intuition, another form of intelligence

Creative ideas are not »thought up«, but are a result of us coming to peace with our thoughts using intuition and our inner inspirations.

Intuitive management

The most important decision is that you make the decision – to decide. This is because, only if you decide, will you then be the one who is creative and creates, otherwise others will do this – perhaps not in quite the way you would like.

Intuitive leadership

At the leadership level, we work even more frequently without having enough facts than in management – this is because it has nothing to do with factual issues (which machine should I buy and should I buy one at all or should I outsource production?), but with human issues instead.

Intuitive creativity

Creativity results from relaxation. If we compulsively exert ourselves, if we are in hassle and stress mode, we reduce the level of our creativity dramatically. Intuitive creativity is in no way limited to art and music – in the field of business, this is referred to as “inspirations”, ideas and “possible solutions”.

Training intuition

Developing the abilities so that we are able to actively implement and use intuitive management, intuitive leadership and intuitive creativity is difficult at first sight – this is because there are a lot of internal voices.

The levels of decision

You can make decisions based on three levels.
· from the mind – logic, the mind, reason
· from the gut – feeling, emotions
· from the solar plexus and heart chakra – intuition, internal inspirations