“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

Active intuition – an “awakened mind”

Active intuition within the scope of active communication with the delta and theta range that we let evaluate and manage beta corresponds to an “awakened mind”.

During the process of training, we initially develop and strengthen the alpha range to establish a stable bridge between our conscious mind to our subconsciousness and the unconscious.

Then, we have the whole range of the intuitive and intellectual competence at our disposal in order to thereby strengthen our decision-making power, leadership and creativity. Thereby, we raise our level of success, our serenity and the connection to ourselves and our life.

“The brain-wave pattern of the “Awakened Mind” is a combination of all aforementioned brain waves – beta, alpha, theta and delta at the same time. If we produce this frequency together at the right level and, in a successful relation to each other, we experience the intuitive radar of delta waves, creative inspiration, personal insight and spiritual consciousness of the theta waves, the relaxing, detached consciousness of alpha waves and the ability of beta waves to process thought consciously – everything at the same time.”
Anna Wise: Power Mind Training, Junfermann Verlag (publishing house), 1998

Active intuition – an “awakened mind”